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Sudoku for Kids

Also kids can become very keen on solving sudoku. We provide therefore especially for kids written sudoku rules and tips & tricks for solving the puzzle. Kids can start solving their first sudoku with a simple 4×4 or 6×6 grids and follow our sudoku solving tutorial to learn the approach and steps to solve the game.

This page is especially written for kids and beginners to introduce the puzzle and approach to solve their first sudoku.

What is sudoku?

Sudoku is a very popular and addicting game. Sudoku is a grid consisting of columns, rows and blocks. A typical sudoku is a grid of 9×9; i.e. 9 small boxes in each row, each column and each block. For kids could be a such sudoku quite difficult to solve.  Fortunately, there are also sudoku with a raster of 4×4 and 6×6 to start with.

What is the objective of the sudoku game?

Every sudoku grid always contains some partially completed grids with digits.  The objective of the game is to fill the missing digits into the grid. With 4×4 grids you need to use and fill digits from 1 to 4; with 6×6 -grids digits 1 to 6 and 9×9-grids contain digits from 1 to 9 respectively.
In each column, row and block you can use each digit only once.

Sudoku Rules

  • Nr 1. each row will upon completion contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.
  • Nr 2. each column will upon completion contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.
  • Nr 3. each block will upon completion contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.

Sudoku Solving Tips and Tricks

  • To start with a sudoku game, search for raws, columns or block with only a few digits missing.
  • Start with the digit that is already often used and filled in the puzzle.
  • If you manage to fill a certain digit, try to look whether you can fill that digit somewhere else.
  • Never guess. If your guess is wrong, you will not be able successfully  to solve the sudoku.

Sudoku solving tutorial

Solving sudoku is not a rocket science neither mathematic. You just need to concentrate and follow the 3 golden rules.

Look at the following example of a 4×4-grid. The start is easy. Can you replace the “?”  with a digit? We will help you.


Sudoku rule 1 states that you can not use any digit twice in a row.  So, you have already digit 1 and 2 in the row, i.e. the missing digit is either 3 or 4.  Sudoku rule 2 states that you can not use any digit twice in a column.  However you can see digit 4 at the bottom of the column.  It means that in the box with “?” can be used only digit 3.


Sudoku rule 3 states that also in each block each digit can be used only once. you can use this rule here to fill the”?” It is obvious that digit 4 is missing there.


Now, only one digit – 4 – is missing in the second row.


We will now apply sudoku rule 3 to fill the last missing digit in the third block.  It is clear that digit 2 is missing.


Yes, only two digits are missing. it is the 2 and the 3. Can you see where is their right position in the grid?


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